February 28, 2023 Announcement

The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region board of directors is proud to announce the appointment of a new chair, Roger Lawler.

"Roger brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chair" states outgoing Co-chair, Deb Zettel-Schmitt. Over a forty-three year career in Catholic Education, he has served as Director of Education for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (1997-2012) and General Secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (2015-2020).

Outgoing Co-chair, Chris Gehan continues, "During his career, Roger has been an exceptional and committed leader, serving on twelve different Boards/Foundations, establishing a wealth of experience in governance and leadership processes."

In retirement, Roger joined the original Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region and was part of the process that witnessed the merger of the original CCFOWR with the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation in 2020, where he served as Chair of Governance from 2020 to 2023.

In looking to the road ahead, Roger is grateful for the visionary and dynamic leadership of Deb Zettel-Schmitt and Chris Gehan who - as Co-chairs - shepherded the two former Foundations into the current strong Foundation. "Both Deb and Chris have always had the students, their families and parishes, and the community at the heart of all they do."

For more information, contact:

Roger Lawler, Chair, Email: rlawler51david@gmail.com

Vic Degutis, President, Email: VicDegutis@outlook.com

February 28, 2023 Announcement