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We’re Better Together

The Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation Inc.(WRCSF), established in 1994, and the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region (CCFOWR), established in 1978, engaged in friendly merger. This cooperation, supported by Bishop Crosby, Diocese of Hamilton, was formalized by the new combined board of directors in June 2020, and approved with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services in September 2020. The new organization is based on an amended version of the original Letters Patent of the WRCSF and the new organization adopted the name of the Catholic Community Foundation Of Waterloo Region Inc. All legal and financial due diligence of the merger was facilitated through Sorbara Law and 3rd party accounting service providers. The new foundation is fortunate to benefit from a renewed commitment from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to support administrative functions including an administrative assistant/financial clerk and facility use.

In the fall of 2020, two long-standing foundations (The Waterloo Catholic Schools Foundation and The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region) proactively merged to establish a new and vibrant organization under the name of The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region Inc. (CCFOWR). This foundation continues the many long tradition of serving our Catholic schools, Catholic parishes and worthy causes within the wider community throughout Waterloo Region.

These foundations had a shared history of collaboration with each other as well as with community partners, including the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation, and the Waterloo Region Community Foundation. These relationships continue and are valuable to our community mission.

Students Donating Bags of Food

The CCFOWR has a committed board of directors, strong governance infrastructures, a solid financial position and a positive reputation in the community. We know we are stronger together! We will continue to effectively fund the Catholic community and to demonstrate leadership, following the challenges faced by the community during the pandemic of 2020 - 2021 that carried on into 2022.

The CCFOWR launched two grant programs in 2021 to support our Catholic community… a $70,000 gift/food card program to give a hand up to families in our school and parish communities and a one-time $60,000 grant program for our community service partners, to support them in their mandate during the challenging financial times created by the pandemic. In 2022 through to the present in 2024 the need to address food insecurity continued and so does our food card program. Our traditional grants program offered each year in October continues to provide needed support.

We are proud of our contributions to our community as the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region and motivated by the positive responses we have received. We look forward to continuing our legacy of support and building new relationships in 2024.

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A Promise

To You

The CCFOWR values community and has a responsibility to offer a “hand up”, empowering the life journey of the marginalized and vulnerable within the Region of Waterloo, with a focus on youth. We believe in inclusion and equity and alignment with the 7 Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. We are committed to cooperating and collaborating with community partners in all sectors to support and evolve common goals.

Our Board of


Roger Lawler Roger Lawler Chair
Frank Wittman Frank Wittman Foundation Director - Vice-Chair
Marty Ignor Marty Ignor Co-treasurer
Mike Gazzola Mike Gazzola Co-treasurer
Melina Pearson Melina Pearson Secretary
Chris Gehan Chris Gehan President
Denise Boudreau Denise Boudreau Foundation Director
Gai Brown Gai Brown Foundation Director
Manuel da Silva Manuel da Silva Foundation Director
Tyrone Dowling Tyrone Dowling Foundation Director
Jamelah Hersh Jamelah Hersh Foundation Director
Colin Kirvan Colin Kirvan Foundation Director
Laurie Maschio-Hansen Laurie Maschio-Hansen Foundation Director
Paul Mendonca Paul Mendonca Foundation Director
Carla Santomero Carla Santomero Foundation Director
Fr. Paul Voisin Foundation Director
Fr. Peter Meyer Placeholder Fr. Peter Meyer Foundation Director
Stephanie Medeiros Stephanie Medeiros Executive Administrative Assistant