Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo

Our Mission...


To assist our community by providing financial support, within Waterloo Region, for worthwhile programmes and projects, primarily those of a Catholic educational nature.

The Foundation is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of our Catholic community.  The Make It Happen Campaign was initiated in the 1970’s to ensure accessible catholic high school education.  The Campaign exceeded its goals; and shortly after, the provincial government announced funding support for catholic education.  The Bishop determined that the funds would remain in Waterloo Region and the rest is history…..To learn more about the establishment of the Foundation, please click here.

Since its inception in 1987, the Catholic Community Foundation of the Waterloo Region is pleased to report that over $2.33 million has been returned to the community via grants.

Approximately $110,000 is awarded annually through a competitive grant application process.  Application deadlines are in March and September.  Click here  to learn more about who we support and how to apply for a grant.

The Foundation continues to grow through continued support from donations and bequests, along with the annual proceeds from the Catholic Charities Lottery.   Lottery tickets are available in January of each year.  To purchase a ticket, click here.  To make a donation, please contact the office.  Look for more information on the website in the near future.